Montgomery County’s first charter school tells rejected students they were admitted
Montgomery County’s first charter school botched its first year of admissions, notifying at least 72 children who did not receive seats at Community Montessori Public Charter School that they had been admitted. Meanwhile — thanks to a human error

Public workers in fiscal, political bull’s-eye

This has been a difficult year for government workers across the country, who are fighting uphill battles to hang on to their pensions and stable salaries — and it’s not over yet. From California to Pennsylvania, workers are facing efforts to sharply curtail the job security and benefits they have enjoyed for years, perks long viewed as compensation for the sometimes lower salaries in the public sector.

Now, the perks that came with being a firefighter or a teacher have become a target, not only for conservative lawmakers but for Democrats under pressure to make deep cuts in government budgets.

Lessons Learned for Educators From the Wisconsin Recall

Governor Walker’s victory in the recall election is certainly another major blow to teachers’ unions, whose influence and membership waned since 2010. Roughly $1 billion in cuts to education budgets resulted in average teachers’ salaries dropping by as much as $2,000, which is not entirely an insignificant sum for tight family budgets. Local Wisconsin coverage also notes that other strongly conservative education reforms, like voucher programs and the elimination of tenure protections, will arrive unabashedly as a new and very powerful political mandate establishes itself.

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