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IYP Staff at Smithsonian Festival

Super Sized Fun at the Smithsonian

Our staff at the Incarcerated Youth Program is always willing to go to unusual lengths to enhance the learning of our students, given that our school environment is located in the DC Jail. Therefore, when it was suggested that we take a staff field trip to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival and Natural History Museum, all [...]


A Constant Battle: Troubled Kids vs. High Stakes Testing

Teaching is made up of a bunch of little battles, struggles and obstacles that we must overcome each and everyday that we enter our classrooms. From lesson planning to classroom management, to building politics and parental involvement. As teachers, we must find ways to get it all done: to ensure that the children are learning, [...]


Teachers, students and parents all look forward to summer vacation. Well… at least teachers and students do! Summer vacation is an opportunity for teachers to become re-energized, relax and to just release all the pent up stress from the school year. In the minds of most students, the summer months are a time for them [...]


On Saturday June 2, twelve high school poetry slam teams from the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia came together for a battle of words at the Inaugural Louder Than a Bomb DMV Youth Poetry Slam.  The competition was fierce and the judging brutal. Only one DC team made it to the finals and that [...]


Story-time during the elementary years is always a fun time for students. However, reading for pure enjoyment seems to be more of a challenge and chore for students when they enter the middle and high school years. As a reading teacher, part of my job is to help increase my students’ levels of reading proficiency. [...]


With the recent passing of D.C.’s godfather of GoGo, Sharpe Health School remembers more than a vibrant, electric musician and performer. We remember him as a friend to people with disabilities! Last year on May 12th, 2011, Chuck Brown performed with his daughter at Sharpe Health School, the only public school in D.C. for severely [...]


A strange, yet predictable, phenomenon is occurring in schools across the nation. The future leaders, businessmen, and professionals of our society are undergoing a perennial bout of senioritis. You recognize the symptoms- an absence of motivation, lethargy of the brain, feigned ignorance of timelines, deadlines, and line segments. Senioritis has taken root and there is [...]


Take Me Out to the…Summer Vacation It was the bottom of the fifth inning at the local little league game and the score had already risen to 15-0.  The coach of the leading team decided to call a time out and switch the pitcher after he walked the last two consecutive batters. In the previous [...]

Ms. Pruett reaches out to donors online for classroom music project

Spotlight on… Ms. Pruett -Special Education Teacher – Sharpe Health School “As my second year at Sharpe Health School came around, I reflected on how much I had really accomplished last year. As you may know, Sharpe is the only DCPS school for students with profound disabilities, so teaching students instruments is a challenge. Many of [...]


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