Washington Teachers’ Union Slams OIG’s ‘Crime of Omission’

WTU President Nathan Saunders: ”The Inspector General had a unique opportunity to extensively examine cheating as well as the chance to diminish an environment that encourages cheating–and he failed miserably.” 

D.C. Public Schools (DCPS) Chancellor Kaya Henderson released the Office of Inspector General (OIG) report on the 2010 DC CAS investigation. 

WTU President said in response to the report:

“In an environment where teachers careers and lives are impacted by student test scores, it is clear that the Inspector General does not care about administrators and management who encourage cheating and the under reporting of cheating.

“Teacher’s licenses and careers hang in the balance in today’s atmosphere of high-stakes testing.  As many teachers find themselves involuntarily leaving the school system if their students do not test well, the individuals who create an environment are seldom held accountable.

“The Inspector General had a unique opportunity to examine extensively cheating as well as the chance to diminish an environment that encourages cheating–and he failed miserably.

“We are disappointed by the methodology, results and limited scope of the Inspector General’s investigation, that only examines testing irregularities at one school, fails to interview students, and essentially ignores systemic indicators of cheating at other schools in the District of Columbia.

“One hundred percent of tested classrooms at one school were flagged for statistically improbable levels of wrong-to-right erasures in 2009-2010.  During former chancellor Rhee’s tenure, the same school averaged 92% of its classrooms flagged for high levels of wrong-to-right erasures.  Yet, school leaders claim that the presence of wrong-to-right erasures at this level is “not indicative of a problem” and we know this is simply unrealistic and not credible.

“It is clear that the testing irregularities are not an anomaly but the reality of so-called data-driven education reform.  It is time to move away from an atmosphere that places an emphasis student testing, instead of professional development and resource allocations to improve education.”

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  1. Mark Simon · · Reply

    Actually, the IG did exactly what he was asked to do by Kaya Henderson. He was asked to look at and investigate one school and one school only. It is the Chancellor and the Mayor she is accountable to who are guilty of a cover-up and of squandering an opportunity to get to the bottom of obviously widespread cheating by adults in 2008-09. It is important to not let the IG be the scapegoat and to place the blame where it lies, with Ms. Henderson and the Mayor. Shame on them.
    – Mark

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