98 DCPS Teachers Terminated; Increase in Teachers with “Highly Effective” Rating

The D.C. Public School (DCPS) system has terminated 98 teachers who received low scores on IMPACT evaluations, the DCPS effectiveness assessment system for teachers and school-based staff. While a small percentage—less than 3 percent of the 4,100 DCPS teachers—have been terminated for poor IMPACT teacher evaluation ratings, two-thirds of all DCPS teachers are “effective.” This year teacher quality has improved with an increase in “highly effective” rated teachers – 228 more than last year.

Last week, DC CAS results reported DCPS students making academic progress that exceeds their charter school counterparts, a direct result of hardworking teachers. The Washington Teachers’ Union’s focus on improving teacher quality will be increased by the WTU Teachers’ Center through training, professional development and personal growth. To date, the Union has coached 800 members to help them navigate IMPACT teacher evaluations.

The IMPACT system has drawn national attention to the District for its early adoption of linking teacher pay and job security with classroom performance and student achievement. “Most of the new next-generation evaluation systems haven’t really hit the ground yet,” said Sandi Jacobs of the National Council on Teacher Quality, a Washington-based advocacy group. “Nobody’s where DCPS is.”

President Nathan Saunders said WTU is hopeful about impact modifications that will reduce the number of observations and provide more diverse methods of measuring student progress. We must consider the role that high rates of poverty, unemployment and poor health care play in the education of students in the city’s high-needs communities,” he continued. Hardworking classroom teachers are the real heroes as they continue to provide high quality education to students.

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