DC CAS Shows Significant Gains for Traditional D.C. Public Schools

The Washington Teachers’ Union (WTU) President Nathan Saunders congratulates the District of Columbia Public School (DCPS) teachers on the significant 2012 D.C. Comprehensive Assessment System (DC CAS) gains announced at a press conference yesterday in Neval Thomas Elementary School. The latest standardized test scores for D.C. public schools demonstrate that teachers are providing high-quality public education to students daily.  Since 2007, the scores have increased in critical subject areas such as reading and math. The District’s charter schools suffered slight declines or made minimal gains in scores.

This news, in addition to exciting programs WTU and DCPS have planned for the upcoming 2012- 2013 school year such as the WTU Teachers’ Center, is extremely promising for parents considering enrolling their children in traditional D.C. public schools. These results evidence the need for continued investment and support in our schools. D.C. citizens can further improve student achievement through parent participation for minimal cost!

“In the midst of WTU/DCPS contract negotiations, the DC CAS results serve as an indication that DCPS must continue to provide a competitive compensation system, improved working conditions and respect teachers’ voices,” said WTU President Nathan Saunders. “I would like to congratulate our members, Mayor Gray and Chancellor Henderson for their contribution.”

Some highlights (provided by DCPS) include:

  • Key and Lafayette elementary schools crossed the 90% proficiency threshold in reading and math.
  • Thomas Elementary School saw 21% and 14% gains in math and reading respectively.
  • McKinley Tech High School received a90% proficiency in math and reading

These are just some of the success stories in DCPS, but there were many more. This past school year, DCPS implemented a new curriculum to align with the Common Core State Standards in English/Language Arts and will implement the common core math standards this coming school year. DC and Kentucky are the only two school systems in the country that fully aligned its reading test to the Common Core State Standards and the only city with universal pre-kindergarten. Students, parents, administrators and supporters of education were in attendance and optimistic about what is to come for the District’s public schools.
Read more from the Office of State Superintendent of Education

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