Did you know that more than 20,000 interns come to Washington, D.C. each year? The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars (TWC) is celebrating its 3rd Annual Intern Appreciation Week!  Washington D.C. interns provide the District with an invaluable amount of time and talent each year. InternsRock! is a way to show appreciation to interns, their hard work and their contributions and here at WTU, we would like to congratulate and show appreciation for our intern LaTasha!

LaTasha T. Mosley
Washington, D.C.
Spelman College
2015; Child Development

What are your responsibilities and duties at WTU?

As a Public Relations and Membership Intern, I am responsible for assisting the department and ensuring that information and news is relayed to the members. This includes but not limited to, posting news regarding teachers, DCPS, and other related news on our blog, ensuring effective communication tools are in place, and helping out in any other way that I can.

Why did you decide to work for WTU?

As a future educator, I wanted to get an in-depth look at what affects our teachers, our school system and  most importantly our students. I believe that working at WTU has allowed me to achieve this goal and more by placing me in a position to see both sides of the spectrum. I am now left to determine how can I indeed help improve education for all students.

What are your career goals?

I aspire to be a reformer of America’s public education system. As a product of DCPS, I have seen too many of my peers fall through the cracks of this system. Knowing that importance of parental improvement, continued enthusiasm for learning and pursuit of higher education, I want all students despite their ethnic background, parent’s income/educational background and extraneous circumstances to pursue higher education and go on to change the world.

What activities are you involved in at school?

I am a member of a community service organization, Sisters Keeping It Real Through Service (SKIRTS) where we stimulate  our school community through hosting various events, panels on controversial issues, and servicing our local community. Also, I am a mentor in our little sister organization, Maintaining Innocence Is Never Impossible of SKIRTS (MINISKIRTS) where I mentor middle school girls at a local middle school on various issue that affect them with hopes of them knowing that each one of them are beautiful, intelligent, and kind young ladies. I hope to join more activities this coming semester.

What else are you doing this summer besides volunteering?

In my spare time, I volunteer at Carroll Manor Rehabilitation Home with the Alzheimer residents. I also am spending as much time as I can with my family and friends while I am home and also my dog, Coco.

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