By Emmelie De La Cruz

After months of negotiations, Tuesday, June 5, 2012 marked another victory for labor unions, as the D.C. City Council members approved an amendment offered by Chairman Kwame Brown and At-large Councilmember Michael A. Brown, to repay D.C. teachers and other city workers for the four public holidays they were furloughed last year.  The council voted 12-1 to support the spending of $22 million to compensate city workers and Mayor Vincent Gray is expected to sign it into law. The furlough repayment is expected to be disbursed prior to the start of the new school year in a one-time lump sum equivalent to the employee’s loss of salary for the furloughed days.

As stated in the Washington Examiner, “At-large Councilman David Catania, who voted against the furlough payments, tried to divert the money to job training programs for long-term welfare recipients. The council easily defeated Catania’s amendment.”

“It is only right that we restore these funds and repay our hardworking civil servants for the work they do on behalf of the residents of the District of Columbia,” said Councilmember Brown.

WTU will provide more information as it becomes available. Continue to visit The Teachers’ Lounge, as we continue to update you on furlough repayment and other happenings from City Council.


  1. I was furloughed last year. Am I able to get my money back? I was impacted out of DCPS. If I cannot get my furlough money back that is low down. These are the individuals who need their money back and they should get it because they do not have a job. They were on the job when the money was taken therefore they shold get their money back.

    1. Suzette,
      The information on eligibility still has not become available. It is only right that those that were furloughed last year be reimbursed for the days they were forced to take. Mayor Gray must sign it into law and once passed, we will receive more information on who will be re-payed and when. It is our hope that all city employees that were furloughed be rightfully paid back. Thank you for your comment.

  2. It’s refreshing to see integrity at work on the council.

    1. It is also the work of all the teachers and other supporters that wrote over 4,000 letters to their legislators to get furlough repayment approved. It was a joint effort and we thank all those who made this possible.

  3. T.Rodriguez · · Reply

    Keep your furlough and stop using double standards to evaluate teachers. Good teachers are leaving because of IMPACT. I wonder if IMPACT is both reliable and valid!

    1. That is a fair question! Many have opposing views on IMPACT and there is much question to whether or not it is a valid assessment of teachers’ competence and performance. Recently in the news, teacher tenure is being questioned in Fairfax. Teacher evaluations are a hot topic this week. We welcome your thoughts.

  4. nikol2u · · Reply

    i am an employee who just left the system effective this year. I was truly upset when i see that the city council has yet again used political buffoonery to substantiate why teachers who have worked tirelessly to as well as those who chose to remain would be the only ones to get the refund of the furlough. not only do i think that that is a harsh injustice but also thievery. they are stealing wages from people who worked just like those others and should be refunded as well. i wasnt impacted out but chose a different career path still in education elsewhere and i shouldnt have to be cheated out the fact that another door was presented before me to say that i shouldnt be allowed to received money that is due to me just like the others.

    if there were to be a loop hole, let it be that anyone who was impacted out not receive it or something to that degree. but for those who no longer work for the system to not get it is tom foolery and they know it. it makes them thieves and no better than a scribe and pharisee stealing from the poor and hard working.

    it is not right and i pray that God will change their hearts towards the people they have cheated our of their funds when they are just as deserving as those who will still be employed with them when the checks are sent out.

    for anyone who doesnt know the stipulation is that you must still be employed with DCPS thrity days prior to them sending out the checks. the dates are August 10th and 24th. therefore to make it plain…the CITY COUNCIL STIPULATES THAT YOU MUST STILL BE AN EMPLOYEE JULY 10TH AND 24TH IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THE REFUND…


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