A strange, yet predictable, phenomenon is occurring in schools across the nation. The future leaders, businessmen, and professionals of our society are undergoing a perennial bout of senioritis. You recognize the symptoms- an absence of motivation, lethargy of the brain, feigned ignorance of timelines, deadlines, and line segments. Senioritis has taken root and there is not a thing one can do about it. It is almost a rite of passage. In fact, it is so ubiquitous in schools that most students eagerly anticipate its arrival as a whitewash to their declining productivity. The only salve for senioritis is to shore up ones reserves against it and await its passing. But what happens when teachers are sacked with an enfeebling case of senioritis? It’s true. Senioritis among teachers is one of the worst kept secrets in schools. You recognize the symptoms- tons of ungraded papers dumped in the trash, ill-conceived lesson plans, late arrivals and early departures.

Many teachers even hide out in the teacher’s lounge and skulk around corners hoping to avoid students angling for extra credit or grade changes. For those teachers who contract senioritis, they cannot bear to grade another paper let alone attend the slew of required appearances that mark the end of another school year. Their only recourse is to fall in with their students and hope no one notices. And more than likely, no one does notice, for they are grappling with the very same affliction. Make no mistake about it, teachers are in it to win it by changing lives, building bridges and producing outstanding members of society. Even still, the mighty corps of pedagogues who so fearlessly dedicate themselves to their craft are no match for the draconian sway of senioritis. Only summer vacation can quell that conflagration. To that end, let the countdown begin.

Ms. Anita Galloway
English Teacher

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