No additional resources for students, furlough repayments for D.C. teachers

Thursday, May 03, 2012

By Boris Chumak

On Tuesday, May 1, the D.C. City Council failed to pass the Mayor’s supplemental budget which included a provision to repay D.C. teachers and other city employees who were furloughed during four public holidays last year. In so doing, the Council has left thousands of teachers and other city employees with no furlough compensation repayments whatsoever, and simultaneously derailed nearly $26 million reserved for D.C. Public Schools.

While most Councilmembers agreed that District employees who were furloughed last year due to inaccurate budget projections must be repaid, they disagreed on whether to repay employees for only 2 days with the rest of the monies going to human services, or for all four furlough days. The disagreement over these two plans resulted in neither plan being accepted by the Council.

      Two of the Four Days                                          Full Repayment

Councilmembers Vote Councilmembers Vote
Kwame Brown Yes Kwame Brown Yes
Michael Brown Yes Michael Brown No
David Catania Yes David Catania No
Mary Cheh Yes Mary Cheh No
Jim Graham Yes Jim Graham Yes
Marion Barry No Marion Barry No
Yvette Alexander No Yvette Alexander Yes
Tommy Wells No Tommy Wells Yes
Vincent Orange No Vincent Orange Yes
Phil Mendelson No Phil Mendelson No
Muriel Bowser No Muriel Bowser No
Jack Evans No Jack Evans Yes

In the near future, the D.C. City Council will get another chance to approve the Mayor’s supplemental budget. Hopefully this time around, the Council will find the votes needed to support the Mayor’s efforts in ensuring that city employees are pain in full and our students are allocated the additional funds they need to succeed.


  1. Sarah says:

    Interesting option to provide 2 days compensation vs. the 4.

  2. Its' not adding up says:

    I don’t get it. Workers were furloughed based on a purported budget deficit- which we now know was not accurate. (aka, a lie)

    What’s the problem? Use a pencil to erase the mistake and start again!


  3. new to the system says:

    Due to inaccurate budget projections?! This is a no-brainer. If the furlough wasn’t necessary, then it certainly is robbery not to repay its own workers. We give so much of ourselves, our energy, our own resources anyway.

  4. Yolanda Hardy says:

    I think teachers should get paid for all days.

  5. Sharon Bocar says:

    Shame on the council. What are they thinking? Teachers are people too, We give so much and receive so little; especiall getting back what is actually ours. What is this, “suppress the teacher?” What a gift for Teachers’ Appreciation Week!! ” Et tu, Brute!! When will this madness cease. Attack the problems; not the people who serve our students. Thanks for nothing..

  6. Egidia Kobielus says:

    Since the surplus they should refund us the furlough days.

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