Watch parents, teachers, and community leaders rally on the steps of the D.C. City Council to oppose the FY13 Budget for Public Education.

DCPS Budget Cuts Hurt Kids April 9 2012 from WTU Local 6 on Vimeo.

DCPS Budget Cuts Hurt Kids Interviews from WTU Local 6 on Vimeo.


  1. This is new. says:

    This is good video of us. I like the new website and front page is cool. Exciting to know we have these new capabilities. Now I really know what to expect for the future. Good for WTU.

  2. WTH says:

    Wake up everybody! We have inexperienced people running the school system! They are novices who may mean well, but have no clue…. Dr. Nathaniel Beers is a pediatrician at children’s hospital who also happens to be chief of special education in DCPS. He is making decisions for the most vulnerable kids in our system. Decisions that will not service our students well. Parents need to ask question!

  3. Jackie says:

    Why cut the librarians? Seriously folks, Bannekar is the crown jewel of DCPS. Why on earth would you cut any staff at a school whose enrollment has not declined and is progressing well…..unless of course, you want the schools to fail?

  4. Sally P. says:

    Has anyone heard that Kaya is leaving DCPS and that Jason K. Will be the new chancellor?

    May just be a rumor, but kaya has been MIA according to Lisa Gartner at Wash Examiner.

  5. SMH says:

    This is serious business! If this is not blocked by the council, DCPS will soon become a distant memory and charters will take over.
    Kaiya is worthless, and I give her another year.

  6. Waiting to exhale says:

    to Sally P,

    I have heard this before…that kaya is leaving… question is WHEN?

    Now that she has her honorary degree, she can be president of the united states. (ha ha)

    Seriously, Kaya isn’t so bad, at least she is less cut throat than henchman Rhee.
    she definitely has worthless people working under het’

  7. Anonymous says:

    My principal notified me last Friday that I am getting excessed even though I’ve had the highest ratings as a highly effective teacher in special education with almost perfect scores and other teachers with less than effective rates are left. My principal said it was because I’m too high on the pay scale. Downtown doesn’t care whether you’re a highly effective teacher. They just want to save money with less experienced and effective teachers.

  8. DC says:

    Even though I’m a “highly effective teacher” with almost perfect scores, I’m being cut because my principal said it was because my pay is too high.

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