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WTU President Nathan A. Saunders Speaks Out On The FY 2013 Public Education Budget

There are concerns about the D.C. Public Schools FY 2013 School Budget that will reduce special education services, increase class sizes and seriously undermine the academic achievements of D.C. public school students. Listen to Washington Teachers’ Union President Nathan A. Saunders discuss changes to special education in D.C. Public Schools on The Mary & Melissa Talk Show. What can you do [...]

D.C. Teachers to Mayor Gray: Show Me the Money

D.C. Council member Vincent Orange introduced the D.C. Employee Repayment Act of 2012 to repay D.C. government employees who were furloughed during four legal public holidays without pay during the fiscal year ending September 30, 2012. As a result of council member Vincent Orange’s leadership, thousands of teachers and D.C. government employees could potentially be [...]

Let Your Voice Be Heard: FY 2013 Budget for Public Education

By Boris Chumak For the past few weeks, there have been alarming concerns from D.C. teachers about the FY 2013 Initial Budget Allocations for public schools. With some schools facing severe budget cuts of as much as $1 million, D.C. students will lose crucial educators and support staff including special education coordinators, librarians and media [...]


By Boris Chumak Earlier this week, the Washington Teachers’ Union (WTU) endorsed D.C. Council members Jack Evans and Vincent Orange for the Ward 2 and At-Large seats respectively. Both Council members have demonstrated their commitment to public service, school modernization and labor rights and continue to enjoy the full support of the AFL-CIO. “Council member [...]

Still no Answers in D.C. CAS Testing Probe

By Marcus Coates Spring is in the air and the end of another school year is just around the corner, yet sadly, there is still no resolution in the unusually high wrong to right erasures on the D.C. Comprehensive Assessment System (DC CAS) tests. Last week, D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson announced DCPS will [...]

Guest Commentary: Value-Added Has No Value

By: Steven J. Klees Harold R.W. Benjamin Professor of International and Comparative Education University of Maryland, College Park The story of fifth-grade teacher Sarah Wysocki (March 7) is tragic and, unfortunately, this is a tragedy being repeated across the country.  By all reports and evaluations, but one, Wysocki was an excellent teacher.  The one was a [...]


Fewer Teachers + Larger Class Sizes + Fewer Special Education Services = More Problems By Boris Chumak Mayor Vincent Gray’s two percent per pupil funding increase and District funding of IMPACT bonuses included in the FY 2013 budget comes at too high of a price: fewer teachers, bigger class sizes and fewer services for our [...]

Value-Added Does Not Show True Value of the Teacher

By Kristin Dobbs, WTU Field Services Specialist  I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the recent Washington Post article that tells the story of former DCPS teacher Sarah Wysocki, who was terminated at the end of the 2010-2011 school year due to IMPACT.  In my opinion, this article (like so many other stories) shines [...]

The Washington Post: ‘Creative … motivating’ and fired

Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post - Sarah Wysocki was out of work for only a few days after she was fired by DCPS last year. She is now teaching at Hybla Valley Elementary School in Fairfax County. By Bill Turque By the end of her second year at MacFarland Middle School, fifth-grade teacher Sarah Wysocki was coming into [...]

Special Education Coordinators: You’re FIRED?

Less Services for Special Needs Students, More Work for School Psychologists There is much to do about something in DCPS. The word is changes are afoot in the Office of Special Education. It’s clear special education coordinators are being pushed aside. Their work responsibilities are being pushed to school psychologists and special education teachers are destined [...]


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