Today’s headlines:

Barras: DCPS kicks students out the door

Can you believe DCPS is kicking children out of school after being tardy for 20 days? The new attendance policy targets only out-of-boundary students, however. That’s discriminatory. Could this be DCPS’ response to the pressure it’s under at certain schools to provide more seats to neighborhood families?

Report: Class size matters most in grades K-3

A report by the Southern Regional Educational Board states that students in kindergarten through third grade perform better in small classes, and that districts considering increasing class sizes to cut costs should implement those changes at the high-school level. According to the report, “Smart Class-Size Policies for Lean Times,” reducing the nationwide average K-12 class size would cost the country $10 billion a year.

5 education issues that should top a U.S. policy agenda
Educator and political strategist Sehreen Noor Ali in this opinion article writes why she believes education needs to be at the top of a U.S. political agenda during the next four years. She writes about what she called the increasingly inaccessible cost of higher education, cyberbullying, low college-graduation rates, a lack of crucial skills among K-12 students and an inequality of educational opportunities based on gender and ethnicity

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